9 tips to enhance your Presenation Skills

Presenting yourself in front of people is not a piece of cake. It requires utmost attention to what you want to present, how you want  to present and the most important your body language.

Following are the tips that I have learn from my past:

Tip 1: “Select the topic which is evolving. Spread the awareness

Tip 2: “Give the introduction of the topic. Also state the problem due to which such topic have been evolved“.

Tip 3:”Try to explain the core part visually. Use charts, drawings, animation wherever necessary“. Pictures are thousand words more  than textual information.

Tip 4: “Don’t elaborate the stuff in your slide. Instead write a point on the slide and then elaborate it by yourself“.

Tip 5: “Use your hands to explain the stuff. Keep an eye contact with the judge and other people in the hall“.

Tip 6: “If you find that people are not interested, bring them back by questioning“. (Its OK if you don’t ask)

Tip 7: “Don’t forget to mention advantages and disadvantages as there are always two sides of a coin

Tip 8: “Mention the references

Tip 9: There will be a question session from the judges. Be sure that you have understood the topic well. If you still don’t know the answer, just say “Sorry Sir/Madam, I don’t know the answer“. THAT’S ALL.

Hope this will help you… : )