Firefox:3.6.3 now available. Download it!!

Just saw the notification of Firefox 3.6.3 popped out on the lower right of the screen and I am now having it. There are some marvelous features available for the Firefox beginners.

1). Zoom In, Zoom Out: You can easily zoom in and out of web pages. Press Ctrl + ‘+'(the plus button) for zoom in, ctrl + ‘-‘(the minus button) for zoom out. And ctrl + 0 for reset.

2). Tab tricks: If you have opened a lot of web pages at the same time, then you’ll definitely get benefit from this feature of Firefox 3.6.3. Here are some keyboard shortcuts for it.

i) Opening a new empty tab: Ctrl + T

ii) Open a link in new tab: Middle click on link

iii) Close a tab: Ctrl + W

iv) Re-open a closed tab: Ctrl + Shift + W

3). Add Bookmarks with single click :

Firefox will remember the web page whenever you click the star icon in the address bar. This will prevent you from writing the whole address of the web page. Just click on the star icon in the location bar and Firefox will add it to your bookmarks list so you can easily find it again.

4). Some other shortcuts for your ease:

i).  Scroll down the page: Spacebar

ii). Scroll up the page: Shift + Spacebar

iii). Refresh the page: Ctrl + R

iv). Back: Alt + Left Arrow

v). Forward: Alt + Right Arrow

vi). Move cursor to the location bar: Ctrl + L

vii). Move cursor to the search bar: Ctrl +K

So download it and experience the DIFFERENCE.


Opera 10.1 Released

When it comes to web-browser, I just jump into the “HOW” portion of it. The all new ‘Opera 10.1’ is released and it has got something better than the others!!!

Features in Opera 10.1

1) User Interface: As you can see, Opera has a fairly nice and polished interface giving a glossy look!!!

2) Browsing : Opera seems reasonably fast and smooth. The UI did made me to feel like ‘shitt’ as it didn’t  hang at any point during my day of using it. The RAM usage ranges from as low as 20 mb when running in the system tray, to up to 245 with several tabs open.

3) Unite: Is it a joke??? I mean how can be your browser, a server????? But I was wrong. They made it all. Unite turns your computer into a personal server. You can host your own website, stream your media from anywhere, and more. Opera supplies you with a address for each of your computers.

First service:- File Sharing made for sharing docs,photos or anything else. It really doesn’t work for sharing with complete strangers, since there is no special p2p protocol involved, just a direct download from your computer. You can even set a password to protect the files from unauthorized access.

Next is Media Player. Just set the folder to your music folder, set the password (if you want to), and you can stream your music from other computers, direct from yours. Want to share a totally awesome track with a friend? No problem. The service does have it’s glitches.

Find out more at: