Problem Solved: Subscribe to data packet first for Tata Docomo

I was facing this problem of ‘subscribe to data packet first’ since I have formatted my Nokia 7210 cell phone. I have Tata Docomo as the network operator.

Follow the below given steps:

1) Go to Menu–>Settings–>Configuration–>Select TATA DOCOMO INTERNET as your default configuration settings.

2) Go to Personal Configuration Settings–>Options–>Add New–>Give any name for the account. Say Java.

3) Select it and then select Access point settings. Select Packet data as the Data bearer.

4) Go to Bearer Settings–>Make TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN as the Packet data access point. Network type – IPv4. Authentication type-Normal

5) Now go to Menu–>Settings–>Connectivity–>Packet Data–>Packet Data Settings–>Edit active access point.

Set TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN as alias for access point and the same for packet data access point.

6) Go to Menu–>Settings–>Connectivity–>Packet Data–>Packet Data Settings–>Active access point–>Select TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN

7) Go to Menu–>Web–>Web Settings–>Configuration Settings–>Select TATA DOCOMO DIVE IN

Enjoy Browsing!!! 🙂

Leave comment for queries…


31 thoughts on “Problem Solved: Subscribe to data packet first for Tata Docomo

  1. Awesome! It worked! Did it with nokia 2690 having vodafone by replacing with www Thank u so much…

    1. First of all subscribe to GPRS Internet scheme. Request for new Internet Settings.
      Edit the ‘Web Configuration’ by selecting TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET.

      Hope this will do…:)

  2. i have problems for subscribe packet data in Tata docomo and i would solve it by this instructions so I’m thankfull of it.

  3. My mobile is nokia x2-00, M facing this prblm from vodafone, whenevr i surf internet it gives me above error but my internet working fine, i activated unlmtd gprs plan for vodafone.,.in the confg setng i actvtd vodafone live setng, bt i stl geting above error, cn u solve it pls?

  4. i hav nokia c2-03 n i ws using net bt i got recharge og 250RS n i get 222talk time n 1gb 3Gdata n 2G data unlimtd bt aftr dis i m gettin error(005) msg whive connecting net……….i thgh my cell is 2G supported so its hgappning so i got rechrg again for 2G data bt stil m getting error n d error msg is “check covrge,security,or date setting n error num is 005

    plzzzz help me plzzzz………..

    1. Hi Nischay…Nokia phones with touch controls have a complex ‘Settings Menu’. If your 3G data is available then it is well and good. Otherwise, retrieve the 2G Internet settings and try again.

    1. Hey Pras, first of all thank you for landing on my post.
      The touchscreen version of Nokia features too much off difficulty.
      Responding to your problem, may be your network remains busy. I’ve face it a lot of time. Try during night hours. Hope this will work. If problem remains, you can contact me at anytime… Thank you again for commenting… 🙂

  5. mine is nokia 2700 classic piece.went thru all the steps.but,i cant find “web settings” option when i opened web option from menu.:-( pls help me

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