How to:Run asp scripts on Windows 7 (32-bit OS/64-bit OS)

As a student I need to run asp scripts for the projects. Using Win XP,you have to insert the bootable XP cd in your optical drive. And then run the asp scripts in ‘wwwroot’ folder. NOT THE CASE WITH WINDOWS 7. Following steps will help you to run asp scripts on your PC having Windows 7 with 32-bit operating system.

1). Open Control Panel. Change the view to Large Icons.

2). Open Programs and Features. In the left side panel, click on Turn Windows features on or off.

3). Check the below mentioned options.

4). Go back and open Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

5). Click on ‘Add Application Pool’.

6). Write ‘asp2’ in the text box and change the ‘Managed Pipeline mode’ to Classic.

7). After clicking OK, click on Advanced Settings.

8). A window will pop-up showing below content in 32-bit OS.

9). It will be different in 64-bit OS. Set ‘Enable 32-bit Applications’ to true.

10). Now create an asp file in inetpub>wwwroot>xxx.asp where xxx is the name of your asp file.

For any doubts, leave comments…ENJOY PROGRAMMING.


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